The Podcast

Word of the Week is definitely about words, but it's also about how we use words. Research in neurolinguistics has proven that learning a second language improves brain function. Health experts have studied how optimism and positive thinking can lower rates of depression and improve cardiovascular well-being. This podcast lives at the intersection of linguistics and positive thought. Each week, you'll hear a new word, what it means, and how it can help you get through the week. Because words matter, and so do you!


The Hostess

Liz Zirk has loved words and language since she was still in the womb. Her mother would read to her constantly, and at age 3, they entered their local library to choose the week's books. Liz chose a new-to-her book, by Dr Seuss, and once home, began to read it without pausing or stumbling. Liz has been a reader and writer ever since, publishing in her high school's and college's literary journals, and blogging since 2007. She studied linguistics at San Francisco State University, and foreign languages at Ripon College. She speaks German fluently, French and Spanish conversationally, and other random languages in bite-size phrases. She lives in Portland, OR, but remains a proud Californian at heart.